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Enhancing The Health of Children with Complex Heart Problems Experiencing  Psychosocial Stress


Some children who come to the cardiology clinic and their parents tell us that their child frequently experiences emotional upset, sadness, worry or stress that interferes with daily living. We want to know how we can identify children experiencing elevated levels of stress, so that we can provide them with more supports for their emotional health. If your child is between 6 to 14 years of age and is followed by a cardiologist at CHEO for a heart condition, then you and your child are eligible to participate in this study. During the study, parents and children are asked to complete several questionnaires that ask about quality of life and daily activities. Children will complete one or two questionnaires depending on their age and parents will fill out four questionnaires. Children will be encouraged to complete the questionnaires independently, so that we can record the child’s own opinions and thoughts. Most families will be done the study once the questionnaires have been completed. A few families will also be selected to complete a short interview about the types of supports and resources they think would be helpful to have in the cardiology clinic. The study can be completed when your child is scheduled to visit the cardiac clinic or as a separate appointment.  

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