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Current Research

Stress Hydrocortisone In Pediatric Septic Shock  (SHIPSS)

Approximately 20,000 children per year in North America present to the hospital with severe shock. Children who develop this condition have very low blood pressures and as a result may suffer damage to their internal organs and may even fail to survive. Some children with this condition may significantly benefit from the use of steroids, but steroids in such patients may also have potential side effects. Therefore it is important to study the use of steroids carefully in this critically ill population. The SHIPSS study will investigate the use of steroids versus placebo in children with severe shock.

The SHIPSS study is scheduled to begin in Spring/Summer 2018 under the leadership of Drs. Kusum Menon and Dayre McNally at CHEO. For more information in the meantime, please contact Katie O'Hearn, SHIPSS Study Coordinator.

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