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Current Research 

Anaphylaxis Education: 
We are conducting studies to improve patient education. The team is working on an illustrated Anaphylaxis Action Plan tool and E-learning modules to improve gaps in patient comprehension, treatment compliance, and retention of knowledge about recognition and management of anaphylaxis. The goal is to develop simple educational tools that can be used by kids, parents, and teachers.

Biphasic Anaphylaxis: We are also conducting a study on children presenting to the emergency department with anaphylaxis or allergic reaction to investigate why some children are at risk of biphasic (also called delayed) anaphylaxis. Biphasic anaphylaxis occurs when the initial symptoms of an allergic reaction go away but then return few hours or days later without exposure to the initial substance that caused the reaction.   
UPDATE: 50 patients were enrolled in this study. 24% developed a biphasic reaction.

FINDINGS: More research is needed to investigate the epidemiology of biphasic allergic reactions in children. A large study would help us to better understand which children are at risk of these reactions which would improve the care of allergic reactions in our Emergency Departments.
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