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Current Research

Quality of Screen Time in Youth

We want to learn about how youth feel while they use screens such as when they play video games, use computers, smartphones, tablets, and watch Television. This will help us understand how we can increase good feelings while youth use screens and decrease bad feelings while youth use screens. We are looking for youth 12-18 years old, who can read and understand English to complete a short online survey.

CHEO authors: Dr. Katie Gunnell, Dr. Mark Tremblay, and Dr. Gary Goldfield of Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group CHEO RI.
We are currently recruiting participants from ages 12-18. Please contact Katie Gunnell at (613) 737-7600 x 4016 or by email at
Recruiting starts: April 25- June 15, 2017
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Does Exercising with a Screen or Music Lead to Post-Exercise Energy Compensation in Adolescents Boys
We are recruiting healthy active adolescent boys aged 13-17 to participate in an exciting research project at CHEO this summer. This study will examine whether watching TV or listening to music while exercising leads to an increase in food intake following the workout session. Volunteers will receive free meals, parking and compensation for their participation! Please contact Holly Livock: for more information.  
  • Who? Male aged 13-17 years
  • Where? Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Ottawa
  • What? Participants will be asked to visit our facilities on 4 occasions and will walk/run on a treadmill while watching TV or listening to music
                 Free food will be served during each visit
Please contact Holly Livock at or by phone 519-616-3163
PI: Dr. Jean-Phillipe Chaput  
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