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Current Projects
i) Implementation and Evaluation of a Hospital-wide Family Decision Srvice (CIHR Knowledge to Action Operation Grant)
Intervention A: Training decision coaches:
Decision coaching workshop are being provided to healthcare professionals (SW, RN, RD, MD, OT, PT) in pilot clinics/programs throughout CHEO, focusing on the principles of shared decision making and skill acquisition through simulated patient encounters. The workshop has been developed with a blend of didactic lecture, discussion, viewing simulated encounters as examples of shared decision making and individual and group learning activities such as role playing. Decision coaches receive feedback on their shared decision making skills using a validated observation tool, the DSAT-10.  Participants who successfully complete the training program are certified as decision coaches.

Intervention B: Decision coaching for children / youth and families:
Trained decision coaches provide decision coaching for children/youth and families who are facing preference-sensitive decisions. Decision coaches use a generic decision aid, the Ottawa Family Decision Guide, to facilitate discussion about options and benefits and harms of each option. The decision coaching protocol also includes a values clarification exercise to help children/youth and families communicate what is most important to them and identify decision–making needs. The intervention is evaluated using a number of validated measures, including the Decisional Conflict Scale (O’Connor, 2005) and the Dyadic OPTION scale (Melbourne et al, 2010).

Intervention C: A shared decision making educational workshop for youth with chronic illnesses and their parents:
Lead by Family Decision Services team members, and assisted by peer facilitators, this interactive workshop aims to empower youth and their families to become activated, lifelong participants in decisions about their health. Family Decision Services is partnering with CHEO’s Corporate Patient Services’ transition program ("On Your Way") to facilitate long term sustainability of the workshop.
ii) Research recruitment Decision Aid
Family Decision Services is working with researchers to develop and evaluate research recruitment decision aids.  Modeled after patient decision aids, these innovative tools are designed to improve the informed consent process and help families make better decisions (fully informed and consistent with what matters most to them) about whether to participate in clinical trials.
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