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Current Research
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To learn more about the research currently being done through Healthier CHEO kids, follow the links below.

LIFE and Health for Young Children with Congenital Heart Defects

Putting Physical Literacy within REACH

Health Through Physical Literacy for Ontario Children

Physical Literacy of Children with Medical Conditions

Enhancing Physical Activity in Children with Epilepsy

Enhancing the Health of Children with Complex Heart Problems Experiencing Psychosocial Stress

Healthy Lifestyle Benefits of the Y Kids Academy

Understanding Energy Expenditure and Exercise in Children with Structural, Rhythm and Contractile Heart Problems

The Tumbling Together Program For Preschool-Aged Children

Mental Health of Adolescents Living with Potentially Fatal Arrhythmia

Enhanced Medical Care for Youths Experiencing Chronic Pain: Developing Evidence of the Impact of Physical Activity Counselling

Enhancing Physical Activity in Children with Headaches

Enhancing Physical Activity in Children with Tics and Tourette Syndrome

You can also see an overview of the Healthier CHEO Kids research programme to learn about our prevention and treatment-focused research. Healthier CHEO Kids research aims to enhance our knowledge and understanding, develop effective interventions and supports to enable CHEO patients to live healthy, active lives, and share what we learn with patients, their families, clinicians and researchers.
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