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Lab & Research Sites

Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group (HALO)
Research Building 1, HALO Lab R312

This lab includes state of the art equipment, for the

1) measurement of anthropometrics and body composition
  • SECA 222 Stadiometer
  • SECA 634 digital scale
  • GE Lunar Prodigy ADVANCE DEXA scanner
  • infant Ultrascale MBSC-55
  • infant stadiometer
  • RJL Quantum IV bioelectrical impedance analyzer system
  • Tanita bioelectrical impedance analyzer
  • Harpenden skin fold calipers
2) assessment of metabolic rate and fitness
  • CPX Ultima Metabolic Cart
  • Corival Cycle Ergometer
  • Trackmaster TMX425C Treadmill
  • Polar HR monitors
  • MedGraphics Pressure Perfect Blood Pressure System
3) direct measurement of physical activity
  • Actical® Physical Activity Monitors
4) assessment of dietary intake
  • FoodProcessor SQL dietary analyses software
5) processing, storage and analyses of biosamples
  • Thermo Scientific Revco PLUS -80°C freezer
  • Beckman Coulter DTX 800 multimodal plate reader & plate shaker
  • Freezerworks sample storage and tracking system refrigerated
  • Eppendorf benchtop centrifuge
  • Cholestec LDX system biosample analyser
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