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Annual Renewal
Renewals must be filed with the Board yearly. Investigators should use an REB report in Romeo developed for this purpose.

A research project involving human participants will require annual re-approval from the REB as long as the investigator conducting the research continues to collect data about the participants of the research; which includes, entering, collecting and verifying data.

Approval of an annual renewal event form must be obtained prior to the expiry date of approval. A lapse in approval requires that recruitment into the study and all study activities must be discontinued.  Should the investigator wish to continue the research, the study must be re-activated. This requires both a protocol deviation event along with a duly completed annual renewal report.

The Board will force close a study 30 days after the study expiry date. Under these circumstances, a notice will be sent to the investigator and the CHEO Research Institute Administration Office who will suspend access to the study funds.

The date of final approval of a protocol will be determined following the procedures outlined in CHEO REB SOP 408.

The REB follows a procedure for maintaining fixed anniversary dates for the expiration of annual REB approvals. This anniversary date appears on the final approval letter. The final approval letter also specifies the date at which investigators should submit to the Board an annual renewal report. The determination of the expiry (anniversary) dates follows the procedures outlined in the CHEO REB SOP 408.
A research project involving human participants no longer requires annual re-approval when the investigator (1) is no longer collecting data about the participants which includes entering, collecting and verifying data and (2) indicates there is no longer a need to obtain more data for the research project.
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