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David Grynspan Photo of Dr David Grynspan
Investigator, CHEO Research Institute
Pediatric Pathologist, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Assistant Professor, Pathology and Lab Medicine, University of Ottawa,
613-737-7600 Ext. 2427
Research Practice Areas:
  • NeuroRare
Current Research:
Dr. Grynspan divides his time between two major research interests: Enteric neuroscience and placental biology. He is currently studying the neurological basis of intestinal dysfunction in Rett Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental condition that affects one in 10,000 female births, as well as the placentas of women with complicated pregnancies and the role nutrition plays in placenta health. Dr. Grynspan and his team found that Rett Syndrome, which is caused by the mutation of the MECP2 gene on the X chromosome causes intestinal symptoms due to the action of this mutation in the neurons of the intestinal tract. One current study, supported by a $100,000 research grant from The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association, is examining treatment strategies for gastrointestinal dysfunction in Rett Syndrome, with a view to reversing symptoms. Meanwhile, Dr. Grynspan’s work on placental biology recently published a study on the placenta health of pregnant women who are receiving opioid replacement. The work examines whether interventions to improve nutritional literacy can improve placenta health.
Research Team:
  • Shannon Bainbridge - Associate Professor
  • Amanda Black - Assistant Professor
  • Melissa Carter - Medical Director
  • Kristen Connor - Professor
  • Benedict Fontaine-Bisson - Assistant Professor
  • Peter Humphries - Pediatric Neurologist
  • Amy McGee - Community midwife
  • Sarah Schock - Research Associate
  • William Staines - Professor, University of Ottawa
Dr. Grynspan obtained his MD degree from the University of Toronto in 2000 and completed his residency in Anatomical Pathology at the University of British Columbia in 2007. He then completed a fellowship in Pediatric Pathology at Wayne State University and The Children’s Hospital of Michigan in Detroit, Michigan. Prior to joining CHEO as a staff Pediatric Pathologist in 2009, he was a staff Pediatric Pathologist at The Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre and The University of Manitoba.
Won $100,000 research grant from The Ontario Rett Syndrome Association

Secured $166,500 in funding from Physicians Services Inc. to identify distinct subclasses of placenta disease in women with pre-eclampsia

Best Creative Alternative for Patient Centered Care, Innovation Fund Provincial Oversight Committee (2013/2011)
Sample Publications:
The Placental Distal Villous Hypoplasia Pattern: Interobserver Agreement and Automated Fractal Dimension as an Objective Metric. Pediatric and developmental pathology: the official journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and the Paediatric Pathology Society. 19(1): 31-6.

Mukherjee A, Chan AD , Keating S , Redline RW , Fritsch MK , Machin GA , Cornejo-Palma D , de Nanassy J , El-Demellawy D , von Dadelszen P , Benton SJ , Grynspan D. (2016).

Unsupervised gene expression profiling identifies clinically relevant subclasses of human preeclampsia. Hypertension. 68(1): 137-47. Leavey K, Benton SJ, Grynspan D, Kingdom JC, Bainbridge SA, Cox BJ. (2106).

Gene markers of normal villous maturation and their expression in placentas with maturational pathology. Placenta. 58: 52-59. Leavey K, Benton SJ, Grynspan D, Bainbridge SA , Morgen EK , Cox BJ. (2017)

Activity and MeCP2- dependent regulation of nNOS levels in enteric neurons. Neurogastroenterology and motility: the official journal of the European Gastrointestinal Motility Society. 28(11): 1723-1730. Wahba G, Schock SC, Cudd S, Grynspan D, Humphreys P, Staines WA. (2016).

MeCP2 in the enteric nervous system. Neurogastroenterology and motility: the official journal of the European Gastrointestinal Motility Society. 27(8): 1156-61.
Wahba G , Schock SC , Claridge E , Bettolli M , Grynspan D , Humphreys P , Staines WA. (2015).

A rapid and efficient method for dissociated cultures of mouse myenteric neurons. Journal of neuroscience methods. Wahba G , Hebert AE , Grynspan D , Staines W , Schock S. (2015).
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