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William Gardner photo of William Gardner
Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute
Professor of Epidemiology, University of Ottawa
Senior Research Chair, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Director, Centre for Pediatric Mental Health Services and Policy Research
Research Practice Areas:
Current Research:
Dr. Gardner's current research activities are in the area of pediatric mental health services research, outcomes measurement, quality measurement, ethics, and health policy. A sample of his current efforts includes:
CAPA. CAPA is a model for mental health system transformation designed to empower patients and families and increase system efficiency and responsiveness. Centre leaders are evaluating the implementation of CAPA in Nova Scotia and leading the implementation in Ontario.
Value-Based Planning. VBP is an approach to resource planning for mental health services providers. VBP is a method for allocating dollars in a way that best serves system commitments to serving families in need, to delivering effective care, to improving access to care, and to making care equitable.
Project ECHO. Project ECHO is an innovative program for improving the mental health care of children delivered through the primary care system. ECHO works with primary care to bring evidence-based treatments to communities that lack mental health specialists. 

Dr. Gardner trained as a child psychologist and statistician. He was previously professor of pediatrics at Dalhousie University and the Ohio State University. He has published extensively in the field of pediatric health services research. He writes on health policy for The New Republic magazine and blogs at The Incidental Economist and Policy Options. You can also follow him on Twitter @Bill_Gardner
Sample Publications:
Gardner, W., & Kelleher, K. (2017). Core Quality and Outcomes Measures for Pediatric Health. JAMA Pediatrics, in press.
Kelleher, K., & Gardner, W. (2017). Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Rural Behavioral and Developmental Care for Children. NEJM, in press. 
Epstein, J., Kelleher, K., Baum, R., Brinkman, W., Peugh, J., Gardner, W., Lichtenstein, P., & Langberg, J. (2016). Impact of a web -portal intervention on community ADHD care and outcomes. Pediatrics. In press.
Brinkman WB, Baum R, Kelleher KJ, Peugh J, Gardner W, Lichtenstein P, Langberg J, Epstein JN. Relationship between Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Care and Medication Continuity. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. 2016;55(4):289–294. 
Gordon, M., Baum, R., Gardner, W., Kelleher, K., Langberg, J., Brinkman, W., & Epstein, J. (2016). Comparison of Performance on ADHD Quality Indicators: Practitioner Self-Report vs. Chart Review. Journal of Attention Disorders, 20 (1), 1-6. 
Kelleher, K. J., & Gardner, W., (2016). Are FQHCs the solution to care access for underserved children? Pediatrics, in press. 
O’Connor, B., Lewandowski, E., Rodriguez, S., Tinoco, A., Gardner, W., Hoagwood, K., & Scholle, S. H. (2016). Usual Care for Adolescent Depression from Symptom Identification Through Treatment Initiation. JAMA Pediatrics, 170(4):373-380.
Lewandowski, E., O’Connor, B., Bertagnolli, A., Tinoco, A., Beck, A., Gardner, W., Jellinek, C., Newton, D., Wain, K., Boggs, J., Brace, N., De Sa, N., Scholle, S., Hoagwood, K., & Horwitz, S. (2016). Screening and diagnosis of depression in adolescents in a large HMO. Psychiatric Services, in press.
Skinner, D., Gardner, W., & Kelleher, K. (2016). When Hospitals Join the Community: Practical Considerations and Ethical Frameworks. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, in press.
Gleeson, S., Gardner, W., & Kelleher, K. (2016). Evaluating a Pay-for-Performance Program for Medicaid Children in an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). JAMA Pediatrics, 170(3):259-66.
Gardner, W. (2015). Policy capacity in the Learning Health Care System. International Journal of Health Policy and Management. In press.
Pajer, K. A., Hoffman, R., Gardner, W., Chang, C.-N., Boley, D., Wang, W. (2015). Endothelial Dysfunction and Negative Emotions in Adolescent Girls. International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health, in press.
Kelleher, K. J., Cooper, J., Deans, K., Carr, P., Brilli, R., Allen, S., & Gardner, W. (2015). Cost Saving and Quality of Care in a Pediatric Accountable Care Organization. Pediatrics, 135 (3) e582-e589.
Gardner, W., Fierlbeck, K., & Levy, A. (2015). Breaking the Deadlock: Towards a New Intergovernmental Relationship in Canadian Healthcare. Healthcare Papers, 14 (3): 7-15.
Gardner, W., Morton, S., Tinoco, A., Canan, B., Scholle, S. H., Kelleher, K. J. (2015). Is it feasible to use electronic health records for quality measurement of adolescent care? Journal of Healthcare Quality, 38 (3):164-74.
Gardner, W., Morton, S., Byron, S., Tinoco, A., Canan, B., Leonhart, K., Kong, V., & Scholle, S. H. (2014). Using computer-extracted data from electronic health records to measure the quality of adolescent well-care. Health Services Research, 49 (4):1226-1243.
Gardner, W., (2014). Screening for mental health problems: Does it work? Journal of Adolescent Health, 55 (2014), 1-2.
Gardner, W., & Kelleher, K. (2014). A Learning Health Care System (LHCS) for Pediatrics. JAMA Pediatrics, 168(4):303-304.
Epstein, J. N.,  Kelleher, K. J., Baum, R., Brinkman, W. B., Peugh, J., Gardner, W., Lichtenstein, P., Langberg, J. (2014). Variability in ADHD care in community-based pediatrics. Pediatrics, 134, 1136-1143. 
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