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Dayre McNally photo of Dr. McNally
Pediatric Intensivist, Department of Pediatrics, CHEO
Scientist, CHEO Research Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Paediatrics,
University of Ottawa
613-737-7600 Ext. 3553
Research Practice Areas:
Current Research:
Dr. McNally’s research investigates the role of vitamins, including vitamin D, in pediatric critical illness. This research has recently demonstrated that lower levels of vitamin D worsen critical illness and prolong PICU admission, and that blood levels of vitamin D levels are inadequate following surgery. Ongoing research studies are designed to determine how to optimize the vitamin D status of critically ill children through both pre-illness supplementation and post-illness rapid restoration strategies.

Research Team:

Dr. McNally is a Clinical Investigator at the CHEO Research Institute, and a Pediatric Intensivist with the Department of Pediatrics at CHEO. Dr. McNally has a PhD in biochemistry and is currently completing an MSc in clinical epidemiology.


Dr. McNally was awarded a Grant-in-Aid Award from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada for his work entitled, "Prevention of vitamin D deficiency after congenital heart disease surgery: a dose evaluation trial". Recent work done at CHEO by the PICU research group demonstrated that four out of every five congenital heart disease patients have inadequate blood levels of vitamin D following surgery. There is evidence that optimization of vitamin D status following congenital heart disease repair could lessen inflammation, reduce nosocomial infection and improve cardiac function. This proposal aims to determine whether pre-operative administration of a higher daily dose of vitamin D can safely prevent vitamin D deficiency following surgery.

Sample Publications:
McNally JD, Amrein K, O'Hearn K, Fergusson D, Geier P, Henderson M, Khamessan A, Lawson M, McIntyre L, Redpath S, Weiler H, Menon K. Study protocol for a Phase II dose evaluation randomized controlled trial of cholecalciferol in critically ill children with vitamin D deficiency (VITdAL-PICU Pilot Study). Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 2017.

McNally JD, Nama N, O’Hearn, Iliriani K, Sampson M, , McIntyre L, Fergusson D, Menon K. Vitamin D deficiency in critically ill children: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Critical Care. 2017;21:287 DOI 10.1186/s13054-017-1875-y

Amrein K, Martucci G, McNally JD. When not to use meta-analysis: analysing the meta-analyses on vitamin D in critical care. Clinical Nutrition. 2017 Dec;36(6):1729-1730. doi: 10.1016/j.clnu.2017.08.009.

McNally JD, Ginde AA, Amrein K. “Clarification needed for the Systematic Review of Vitamin D Trials in ICU”. Intensive Care Medicine. 2017 Jan 20. doi: 10.1007/s00134-016-4643-6. (PMID: 28108767)

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