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Mario Cappelli photo of Mario Cappelli
Clinical Investigator, CHEO Research Institute
Director, Mental Health Research Program, CHEO
Clinical Professor of Psychology, University of Ottawa
Adjunct Professor, Telfer School of Management,
University of Ottawa
Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychiatry,
Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
Member, Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies,
University of Ottawa
613-737-7600 Ext. 3311
Research Practice Areas:
Current Research:

Dr. Cappelli’s research focuses on the mental health of children, youth, and families; specifically, how to best identify needs and to deliver mental health services to children and youth in an effective and integrated way. His research activities are in two areas: how to manage child and youth who are in crisis and present to Emergency Departments; and how to address the fragmentation of services during the transition from youth to adult mental health care. The research is funded through public agencies and private foundations. Ultimately, the goal is to provide better care to children and youth with mental illness.

Research Team:
Dr. Mario Cappelli is currently the Director of Mental Health Research at CHEO, a Clinical Professor of Psychology, Adjunct Professor in the Telfer School of Business, and a Member of the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Cappelli has a degree in psychology from the University of Ottawa and an M.A. and PhD from Carleton University. Dr. Cappelli completed a pre-doctoral clinical internship at CHEO and obtained further clinical training at the Child and Family Centre, Chedoke-McMaster Hospital, as a post-doctoral fellow. Dr. Cappelli is member of Ontario Psychological Association, Canadian Psychological Association, Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, and the Society of Pediatric Psychology.
Sample Publications:
Cappelli, M., Gray, C., Zemek, R., Cloutier, P., Kennedy, A., Glennie, E., Doucet, G., & Lyons, J. (in press). The HEADS-ED: A rapid mental health screening tool for pediatric patients in the Emergency Department. Pediatrics
Hamm, MP, Osmond, M., Curran, J., Scott S., Ali, S., Hartling, L., Gokiert, R., Cappelli, M., Hnatko, G., & Newton, AS. (2010). A systematic review of crisis interventions used in the Emergency Department: Recommendations for pediatric care and research. Pediatric Emergency Medicine. 26(2), 952-962.

Cloutier, P., Kennedy, A., Maysenhoelder, H., Glennie, L., Cappelli, M., & Gray, C., (2010). Pediatric Mental Health Concerns in the Emergency Department: Caregiver and Youth Perceptions and Expectations, Pediatric Emergency Care. 26 (2), 99-106.

Cloutier, P., Cappelli, M., Glennie, E.J. Charron, G., Thatte, S. (2010). Child and Youth Mental Health Service Referrals: Physicians’ knowledge of mental health services and perceptions of a centralized intake model. Healthcare Polic. 5 (3), 144-161.

Newton, A., Ali, S., Johnson, DW., Haines, C., Rosychuk, R., Keaschuk, RA., Jacobs, P., Cappelli, M., & Klassen, T. (2010). Who comes back? Characteristics and predictors of return to emergency department services for pediatric mental health care. Academic Emergency Medicine, 17(2), 177-186

Vloet, M., Davidson, S., & Cappelli, M. (2011). We Suffer from Being Lost”: Formulating Policies to Reclaim Youth in Mental Health Transitions. Healthcare Quarterly. 14(2), 32-38.

Cappelli, M., Glennie, E., Cloutier, P., Kennedy, A., Vloet, M, Zemek, R. & Gray, C. (in press). Physician management of pediatric mental health patients in the Emergency Department: Assessment, charting, and disposition. Pediatric Emergency Medicine.
Vloet, M.A., Davidson, S., & Cappelli, M. (2011). We Suffer from being Lost": Formulating Policies to Reclaim Youth in Mental Health Transitions. Healthcare Quarterly. 14(2), 32-38.
Vloet, M.A., Davidson, S., & Cappelli, M. (Winter 2011/2012). Growing Pains: Struggles and Innovations in Mental Health Services Delivery for Transitional Youth. CrossCurrents Magazine, Journal of Mental Health and Addictions (CAMH). 15(2),6-7

Cappelli, M., Davidson, S. & Vloet, M.A. (2011). We’ve got growing up to do: Policy and practice in youth mental health transitions. Ottawa, Ontario: Canada. 

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