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Wendy Spettigue, MA, MD, FRCPC
Investigator, CHEO Research Institute
Psychiatrist, Regional Eating Disorders Program, CHEO
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Ottawa
613-737-7600 Ext. 3609
Research Practice Areas:
Current Research:

Dr. Spettigue is active in a number of research projects, and has over one million dollars in research funding. She was the principal investigator of a trial funded by the W. Garfield Weston Foundation to study the medication olanzapine as adjunctive treatment for adolescent anorexia nervosa, as well as a trial to study the helpfulness of a workshop delivered to parents of youth waiting for treatment of an eating disorder.  Along with her colleague Dr. Mark Norris, she helped to create and study a website for parents of children suffering from eating disorders.  She is co-investigator on multiple research studies, including a trial examining the helpfulness of olanzapine for the treatment of nausea and vomiting in children receiving chemotherapy for a stem-cell transplant, as well as proposals to examine the effectiveness of a school-based workshop for the prevention of eating disorders, and to examine the helpfulness of training primary health practitioners to improve treatments of obesity and eating disorders. She has helped with the writing of both American and Canadian Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Adolescent Eating Disorders, and is also involved in program evaluation, including publishing the outcomes of our team's day treatment and inpatient programs. Dr. Spettigue is one of the founders and lead researchers of the PREDO Research team, a group of experts dedicated to researching Pediatric Eating Disorders and Obesity. 

Research Team:
  • Nicole Hammond
  • Danijela Maras
  • Jessica Milloy
  • Nicole Obeid

Dr. Wendy Spettigue was the Psychiatric Director of the Regional Eating Disorder Program at CHEO from 2001-2013. She completed her residency training at Queen’s University in Pediatrics and Psychiatry, and moved with her family to Ottawa in 1999 to do a Fellowship in pediatric consultation-liaison psychiatry and eating disorders. As part of her clinical work, Dr. Spettigue provides individual, group and family therapy to adolescents with severe eating disorders. Dr. Spettigue is also involved in various research projects. She was the recipient of the CHEO Research Institute’s 2009 Award of Excellence for Research in Psychiatry.

Dr. Spettigue has authored many papers on eating disorders, as well as two book chapters on psychopharmacology for the treatment of eating disorders (Cambridge Univ Press and Guilford Publications). She and her colleagues on the Eating Disorder team at CHEO also help to train other professionals and teams on how to help youth with eating disorders. Dr. Spettigue has given presentations at the International Conference on Eating Disorders, the National Eating Disorder Association of Canada, the Society for Research on Adolescence, the Canadian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.
Sample Publications:
Flank, J., Sung, L., Dvorak, C.,Spettigue, W., and Dupuis, L. (2014) The Safety of Olanzapine in Young Children: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Drug Safety2014 Oct; 37(10):791-804

Spettigue, W., Maras, D., Obeid, N., Henderson, K., Buchholz, A., Gomez, R and Norris, M. (2014) Psycho-education intervention for parents of adolescents with eating disorders: A randomized controlled trial.Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, Aug 4:1-16

Henderson, K., Buchholz, A., Obeid, Nicole, Mossiere, A., Maras, D., Harrison, M., Feder, S., andSpettigue, W. (2014). A family-based eating disorder day treatment program for youth: examining the clinical and statistical significance of short-term treatment outcomes.Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention, 22(1):1-18

Norris, M., Robinson, A., Obeid, N., Harrison, M.,Spettigue, W., and Henderson, K. (2013). Exploring Avoidant/Restrictive Rood Intake Disorder In Eating Disordered Patients: A Descriptive Study.International Journal of Eating Disorders.47(5): 495-499

Obeid, N., Henderson, K., Tasca, G., Lyons, J., Norris, M,Spettigue, W. (2013). Growth Trajectories of Maintenance Variables Related to Refractory Eating Disorders in Youth. Psychotherapy Research (Special Edition). 23(3):265-76

Flament, M., Bissada H. andSpettigue, W.(2012). Evidence-Based Pharmacotherapy for Eating Disorders. In Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology, 4th Edition. Ed. Stephen M. Stahl, Cambridge Press, 2012.
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