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Amy Plint photo of Amy Plint
Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute
Physician, Division of Emergency Medicine, CHEO
Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine,
University of Ottawa
University of Ottawa Research Chair in Pediatric Emergency Medicine
613-737-7600 Ext. 6014
Research Practice Areas:
Current Research:

Dr. Plint’s areas of research are bronchiolitis management, injury management, and adverse events in the emergency department. She has examined the role of steroids and epinephrine together in managing bronchiolitis and is developing a clinical decision rule for predicting the development of severe bronchiolitis. Dr. Plint will also be leading a study to determine the prevalence, type, and severity of adverse events in children seen in the Emergency Department.

Research Team:
Dr. Amy Plint graduated from McMaster Medical School, Hamilton in 1991 and completed a pediatrics residency at the University of Manitoba in 1995. She completed a Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship at the University of Ottawa in 1996 and a Master's Degree in Epidemiology in 2006. Dr. Plint is the Faculty Medicine Research Chair in Pediatric Emergency Medicine at the University of Ottawa. She is also the Chair of Pediatric Emergency Research Canada (PERC), a well-established multi-centre network of health researchers. Dr. Plint's research focuses primarily on the emergency department management of respiratory illnesses and musculoskeletal injuries.
Sample Publications:
Curran JA, Murphy A, Newton M, Zemek R, Hartling L, Plint A, Chorney J, MacPhee S, Campbell SG, Jabbour M, Boliver D, Petire D, Colwell R, MacWilliams K, Nolan A. Discharge instructions for caregivers in the context of pediatric emergency care: a narrative synthesis protocol. Syst Rev 2014; 3:26.

Dixon A, Clarkin C, Barrowman N, Correll R, Osmond MH, Plint AC. Reduction of radial-head subluxation in children by triage nurses in the emergency department: a cluster-randomized controlled trial. CMAJ 2014; 186(9):E317-E323.

Kircher J, Drendel AL, Newton AS, Plint AC, Vandermeer B, Dulai S, Ali S. Acute pediatric musculoskeletal pain management in North America: a practice variation survey. Clin Pediatr (Phila) 2014; 53(14): 1326-1335.

Plint AC, Newton A, Stang A, Bhatt M, Barrowman N, Calder L. How safe are our paediatric emergency departments? Protocol for a national prospective cohort study. BMJ Open 2014; 4(12):e007064.

Plint AC, Grenon R, Klassen TP, Johnson DW. Bronchodilator and steroid use for the management of bronchiolitis in Canadian pediatric emergency departments. CJEM 2014; 16(2): 1-8.

Pound CM, Williams K, Grenon R, Aglipay M, Plint AC. Breastfeeding Knowledge, Confidence, Beliefs, and Attitudes of Canadian Physicians. J Hum Lact 2014;30(3):298-309.

Tam RK, Wong H, Plint A, Lepage N, Filler G. Comparison of clinical and biochemical markers of dehydration with the clinical dehydration scale in children: a case comparison trial. BMC Pediatr 2014; 14:149.

Boutis K, Grootendrost P, Willan A, Plint AC, Babyn P, Brison RJ, Sayal A, Parker M, Mamen N, Schuh S, Grimshaw J, Johnson D, Narayanan U. Effect of the low Risk Ankle Rule on the frequency of radiography in children with ankle injuries. CMAJ 2013;185(15):E731-E738.

Dalziel SR, Thompson JM, Macias CG, Fernandes RM, Johnson DW, Waisman Y, Cheng N, Acworth J, Chamberlain JM, Osmond MH, Plint A, Valerio P, Black KJ, Fitzpatrick E, Newton AS, Kupperman N, Klassen TP. Predictors of severe H1N1 infection in children presenting within Pediatric Emergency Research Networks (PERN): retrospective case-control study. BMJ 2013;347:f4836.

Alnaji F, Zemek R, Barrowman N, Plint A. PRAM score as predictor of pediatric asthma hospitalization. Acad Emerg Med 2014; 21(8):872-878.
Schuh S., Zemek R., Plint AC, Black K., Freedman S., Porter R., Gouin S., Hernandez A., Johnson D., Magnesium use in asthma pharmacotherapy: A Pediatric Emergency research Canada study, Pediatrics, 2012 May;129(5):852-9. Epub 2012 Apr 16.

Hartling L, Fernandes R, Baily L, Milne A, Johnson D, Plint AC, Klassen T, Vandermeer B. Steroids and bronchodilators for acute bronchiolitis in the first two years of life: Systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ 2011;342:d1714.
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