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Ashok Kumar photo of Dr. Ashok Kumar
Senior Scientist, CHEO Research Institute
Senior Scientist, Department of Pathology, CHEO
Professor, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa
613-737-7600 Ext. 3920
Current Research:
Dr. Kumar’s major research interests are to study the role and regulation of cytokines in host defense against microbial infections, especially in HIV immunopathogenesis. Efforts are focused on delineating the regulation of IL-12 family of cytokines, namely IL-12, IL-23 and IL-27, with a special emphasis on understanding the signaling pathways by which bacterial or HIV infections impact expression and production of these cytokines.

Another focus of his research is to understand the mechanism(s) by which monocytic cells develop resistance to HIV- or HIV Vpr protein-induced apoptosis. The aim is to devise strategies to promote the death of HIV-infected monocytic cells and potentially eliminate monocytic viral reservoirs.
Research Team:
  • Niranjala Gajanayaka - Student
  • Salma Iqbal - Student
  • Seghen Woldai - Student
Dr. Kumar is a Principal Investigator at the CHEO Research Institute, and a Professor in the Department of Pathology at the University of Ottawa. He is a specialist in the field of HIV research, immunology and host-pathogen interactions. He has published extensively in the areas of HIV immunopathogenesis, and cytokine biology and cell signaling. Dr. Kumar is also an active member of the CanCURE (Canadian HIV Cure Enterprise) research consortium.  
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