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Stephen Baird, PhD photo of Stephen Baird
Manager - High Throughput Screening Lab
CHEO Research Institute
Research Practice Areas:
Sample Publications:

Robitaille K, Rourke JL, McBane JE, Fu A, Baird S, Du Q, Kin T, Shapiro AM, Screaton RA.(2016) High-Throughput Functional Genomics Identifies Regulators of Primary Human Beta Cell Proliferation. J Biol Chem. Jan 6: PubMed
Vanstone JR, Smith AM, McBride S, Naas T, Holcik M, Antoun G, Harper ME,Michaud J, Sell E, Chakraborty P, Tetreault M; Care4Rare Consortium, Majewski J, Baird S, Boycott KM, Dyment DA, MacKenzie A, Lines MA. (2015) DNM1L-related mitochondrial fission defect presenting as refractory epilepsy. Eur J Hum Gen. Nov. 25: PubMed 
Liwak-Muir U, Dobson CC, Naing T, Wylie Q, Chehade L, Baird SD, Chakraborty PK, Holcik M. (2015) ERK8 is a novel HuR kinase that regulates tumour suppressor PDCD4 through a miR-21 dependent mechanism. Oncotarget. Nov 22.: PubMed
Courteau L, Crasto J, Hassanzadeh G, Baird SD, Hodgins J, Liwak-Muir U, Fung G, Luo H, Stojdl DF, Screaton RA, Holcik M. (2015) Hexokinase 2 controls cellular stress response through localization of an RNA-binding protein. Cell Death Dis. Aug 6;6: PubMed
Sakamaki J, Fu A, Reeks C, Baird S, Depatie C, Al Azzabi M, Bardeesy N, Gingras AC, Yee SP, Screaton RA. (2014) Role of the SIK2-p35-PJA2 complex in pancreatic β-cell functional compensation. Nat Cell Biol. 16(3): PubMed

Ng AC, Baird SD, Screaton RA. (2014) Essential role of TID1 in maintaining mitochondrial membrane potential homogeneity and mitochondrial DNA integrity. Mol Cell Biol. 34(8): PubMed
Norton M, Ng AC,Baird S, Dumoulin A, Shutt T, Mah N, Andrade-Navarro MA, McBride HM, Screaton RA. (2014) ROMO1 is an essential redox-dependent regulator of mitochondrial dynamics.Sci Signal. 7(310): PubMed
Lefebvre, V., Du, Q., Ng, A., Baird, S., Nascimento, M., Campanella, M., McBride, H., Screaton, R.A. (2013) Genome-wide RNAi screen identifies ATPase Inhibitory Factor 1 (ATPIF1) as essential for PARK2 recruitement and mitophagy.Autophagy. 9(11):  PubMed
Faye MD, Graber TE, Liu P, Thakor N, Baird SD, Durie D, Holcik M.  (2013) Nucleotide composition of cellular internal ribosome entry sites defines dependence on NF45 and predicts a posttranscriptional mitotic regulon. 33(2):307-18. PubMed
Mahoney DJ, Lefebvre C, Allan K, Brun J, Sanaei CA, Baird SD, Pearce N, Grönberg S, Wilson B, Prakesh M, Aman A, Isaac M, Mamai A, Uehling D, Al-Awar R, Falls T, Alain T, Stojdl DF. (2011) Virus-tumor interactome screen reveals ER stress response can reprogram resistant cancers for oncolytic virus-triggered caspase-2 cell death. Cancer Cell. Oct 18;20(4):443-56.

Cheung HH, St Jean M, Beug ST, Lejmi-Mrad R, LaCasse E, Baird SD, Stojdl DF, Screaton RA, Korneluk RG. (2011) SMG1 and NIK regulate apoptosis induced by Smac mimetic compounds. Cell Death Dis. Apr 14;2:e146.

Graber TE, Baird SD, Kao PN, Mathews MB, Holcik M. (2010) NF45 functions as an IRES trans-acting factor that is required for translation of cIAP1 during the unfolded protein response. Cell Death Differ. 4:719-29

LaCasse E.C., DJ Mahoney, H.H. Cheung, S. Plenchette, S.D. Baird, and R.G. Korneluk. (2008) IAP-targeted therapies for cancer. Oncogene 27:6252-6275.

Baird S.D., S.M Lewis, M. Turcott, M. Holcik. (2007) Searching for structurally similar cellular IRES. Nucleic Acids Research 35:4664-77.


Baird S.D., M. Turcotte, R.G. Korneluk, , M. Holcik. (2006) Searching for IRES. RNA 12: 1755-85.


Holcik M, T Graber, SM Lewis, CA Lefebvre, E Lacasse, SD Baird. (2005) Spurious splicing within the XIAP 5' UTR occurs in the Rluc/Fluc but not the ß-gal/CAT bicistronic reporter system. RNA. 11:1605-1609.

YP. Hu, G. Cherton-Horvat, V. Dragowska, S.D. Baird, R.G. Kornleuk, J.P. Durkin, L.D. Mayer and E.C. LaCasse (2003) Antisense oligonucleotides targeting XIAP induce apoptosis and enhance chemotherapeutic activity against human lung cancer cells in vitro and in vivo. Clincal Cancer Research 7:2826-36.

Brown,E.G., H. Liu, L.C. Kit, S.D. Baird, M. Nesrallah. (2001) Pattern of mutation in the genome of influenza A virus on adaptation to increased virulence in the mouse lung: identification of functional themes. PNAS 98:6883-8.
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