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David Stojdl, PhD
Senior Scientist, Apoptosis Research Centre, CHEO Research Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, University of Ottawa
Research Practice Areas:
Current Research:
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The Stojdl lab is interested in using biology to fight biology. Our approach has been directed at developing programmable replicating viruses called “oncolytic viruses” to directly target and kill tumour cells as well as manipulate the tumour microenvironment to further kill primary and metastatic cancer cells. In recent years we have discovered a new oncolytic virus called Maraba virus that is potent at treating both adult and paediatric solid tumour in preclinical models. We are now working together with collaborators at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and McMaster University with funding through the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research to initiate a phase I clinical trial of our Maraba oncolytic platform. For more information about our research, go to:
Research Team:
Sample Publications:

Le Bœuf F, Batenchuk C, Vähä-Koskela M, Breton S, Roy D, Lemay C, Cox J, Abdelbary H, Falls T, Waghray G, Atkins H, Stojdl D, Diallo JS, Kærn M, Bell JC. Model-based rational design of an oncolytic virus with improved therapeutic potential. Nat Commun. (2013) Jun 14;4:1974.

Mahoney DJ, Stojdl DF. Molecular pathways: multimodal cancer-killing mechanisms employed by oncolytic vesiculoviruses. Clin Cancer Res. (2013) Feb 15;19(4):758-63.

Mahoney DJ, Stojdl DF. Functional genomic screening to enhance oncolytic virotherapy. Br J Cancer. (2013) Feb 5;108(2):245-9

Brun J, Mahoney DJ, Le Boeuf F, Lefebvre C, Sanaei CA, Falls T, Mccart JA, Stojdl DF. Oncolytic Vaccinia virus safely and effectively treats skin tumors in mouse models of xeroderma pigmentosum. Int J Cancer. (2013) Feb 1;132(3):726-31

Lemay CG, Rintoul JL, Kus A, Paterson JM, Garcia V, Falls TJ, Ferreira L, Bridle BW, Conrad DP, Tang VA, Diallo JS, Arulanandam R, Le Boeuf F, Garson K, Vanderhyden BC, Stojdl DF, Lichty BD, Atkins HL, Parato KA, Bell JC, Auer RC. Harnessing oncolytic virus-mediated antitumor immunity in an infected cell vaccine. Mol Ther. (2012) Sep;20(9):1791-9.
Mahoney DJ, Stojdl DF. Fighting fire with fire: rewiring tumor cells for oncolytic virotherapy. Future Oncol. (2012) Mar;8(3):219-21

Mahoney DJ, Lefebvre C, Allan K, Pearce N, Brun J, Baird S, Sanei C, Grongberg S, Prakesh M, Aman A, Wilson B, Mamai A, Uehling D, Al-Awar R, Falls T, Stojdl DF. Virus-Tumor Interactome Screen Reveals ER Stress Response Can Reprogram Resistant Cancers for Oncolytic Virus-Triggered Caspase-2 Cell Death. Cancer Cell (2011) Oct 18(20): 443-456 


HH Cheung, M St. Jean, ST Beug, R Lejmi-Mrad, E LaCasse, SD Baird, RA Screaton, Stojdl D.F., RG Korneluk SMG1 and NIK regulate apoptosis induced by Smac mimetic compounds, Cell Death and Disease (2011) Apr 14;2:e146.


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