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Research Roles

Who does what on a research team? 
Research teams are in place to: make sure participants are eligible; provide a contact point for families; give instructions and guidance; and to monitor participants during studies. Each member has undergone special training in how to protect participants and conduct studies in an ethical, legal and safe way. They are a fantastic resource when you have questions about a study, and they always respect that parents know their child best.


Principal Investigator (PI):
Principal investigators are the leaders of research studies. They are a medical doctor or PhD who oversee the care of all participants during a study.


Research Coordinator:
Research Coordinators are responsible for ensuring the research staff has the right tools for the study. They organize patient recruitment, data collection, and any equipment, medication, or devices needed to make sure the study runs smoothly. Some research coordinators are nurses that aid with data collection, treating participants, and follow ups.


Research Assistant:
Research Assistants help the research coordinator with smaller, more detailed tasks such as participant recruitment or reading through patient charts.


Pharmacists council parents on studies involving drugs. They explain general information about the drug being studied, such as how to take the drug, when to take the drug, and possible side effects or adverse events.


Every research team has several ‘behind the scenes’ members that parents may not come into contact with. The Research Ethics Board is a committee dedicated to ensuring the rights, safety and well-being of the participants of a clinical research study. CHEO’s Clinical Research Unit aids helps investigators with everything from study design through to data analysis.  Study sponsors provide the finances needed to conduct research. They can be governmental, charitable, industry (pharmaceutical companies), or internal (from within CHEO).

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